Aromatherapy for winter

How to use essential oils to prevent colds, flu etc and reduce symptoms

Special Offers on Essential oils

For each order, you get the booklet of the recipes


4 Essential oils

(Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, Lavender and Tea Tree)
+ get a free inhaler

$39 instead of $46

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1 bottle of Breath Easy 

(blend of Fir Needle, Cedarwood, FrankincenseMyrrh)

+ an free roll-on


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Add a bottle of Frankincense Essential Oil,

bundle and Save

Bundle and Save

All together

$69 instead of $78


Aromatherapy packages

Learn how to use essential oils for your own health

$70 Initial assessment
$50 follow-up session

In those packages, we explore which blend of essential oils would be the best for you, how to use the essential oils and how to blend them to get the best results.  Learn to include essential oils into your daily life for safe and effective uses.

At each visit, you get a free empty roll-on and a free sample of essential oils. (Limited time offer)

Explore the package you need

Learn how to use essential oils to help you manage

  • Stress and Sleep: did you know that orange essential oil, or lavender, are effective to lower your stress level?
  • Cold and Immunity: learn how to use eucalyptus, and peppermint to calm your cold, or to modulate your immunity
  • Muscle pain: make your own blend to help you with muscle pain
  • Post-Covid: use different smells of essential oils to reeducate your sense of smell