Isabelle Guglielmi

The French Pharmacist
in Kansas City

Certified Aromatherapist and Environmental Health Specialist

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As a new member of Avena, LLC,  I offer

  • Environmental Health consultations to help clients to lower their exposures to environmental toxins and improve their chances to a better outcome: auto-immune diseases, Hormonal Imbalance, healthy pregnancy, infertility etc ...
  • Aromatherapy consultations: pain management, sleep and stress management, immune support.

Environmental Health packages

Minimizing Health Impacts and Restoring Well-Being

In the modern world, toxicant exposure is ubiquitous. A lot of studies reports, the average person is exposed to hundreds of environmental chemicals daily via air, water, soil, and food. While these exposures usually occur at a low level, the daily and continually exposure, and the bioaccumulation of toxins in the body can be a root cause of several types of dysfunctions.

Making comparison and relations between your potential daily life exposure, exposures that you don’t even notice, could help you to improve your chances of healing and feeling better.

Mom-to-be Package


1 initial assessment and a follow-up session included

Special package for pregnant women.

Because the first 1000 days of your baby, are the most important time in his or her life, it is vital to decrease your exposure in your daily life.

To build the future health of your baby, I help you minimize your exposure, and prepare a safe nest for him.

Whole package


1 initial assessment and follow-up session included

In this package, we explore how your symptoms could be related to certain exposures. Then we look at how to decrease, the multitudes of exposures to toxins in your close environment.

Tap Water package


How is your drinking water?
Which water filter should you buy?

Because there is not one single response to this question, this package helps you to determine which filters you should use to get the best water regarding of your water, your budget and your situation.

Aromatherapy packages

Learn how to use essential oils for your own health

$70 Initial assessment
$50 follow-up session

In those packages, we explore which blend of essential oils would be the best for you, how to use the essential oils and how to blend them to get the best results.  Learn to include essential oils into your daily life for safe and effective uses.

At each visit, you get a free empty roll-on and a free sample of essential oils. (Limited time offer)

Explore the package you need

Learn how to use essential oils to help you manage

  • Stress and Sleep: did you know that orange essential oil, or lavender, are effective to lower your stress level?
  • Cold and Immunity: learn how to use eucalyptus, and peppermint to calm your cold, or to modulate your immunity
  • Muscle pain: make your own blend to help you with muscle pain
  • Post-Covid: use different smells of essential oils to reeducate your sense of smell

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  • call: (816) 471-7227
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Avena LLC
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